The Unidentifiable Towing Object (UTO)

15-1110WebUTOStarship1Modeled after a starship, the Unidentifiable Towing Object (UTO) (MSRP=$749.99) makes an awesome towable. This a big towable with a large, deep center crew cockpit for up to two riders and an outside deck radius that can fit at least three riders. The cockpit is deep enough to stand in and is for the more timid riders because there is very little chance of falling out. The outside deck is much more adventurous. On the outside the riders can stand, kneel or lay down. Each position on the outside deck has a large anti-slip pad for traction. The floor of the central cockpit is a drop bottom which is what this tube mainly rides on. The drop bottom allows the tube to ride smooth and fast over the wake and in the turns and keeps the outside deck edge from digging into the water. This UTO rides like something from out of this world.

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