AutoDogMug Offers Convenient Way to Hydrate Your Dog

Always on the go with your dogs? Hate having to carry a separate bowl to put water in? AutoDogMug (MSRP=$20) by Highwave solves these problems and more.

The first and only one handed water bottle for your dog is easy to use. Just squeeze the bottle and water will fill the bowl, once you release your squeeze, whatever water is left in the bowl will drain back into the bottle. Holds 20oz / 29.5mL of fresh water for your dog.

Comes with an adjustable velcro strap, you can easily attach the Auto Dog Mug to your backpack while hiking, your belt when walking or simply just carry it around your wrist. Fits perfectly in standard car cup holder for quick, easy one handed access while stopped at a light.

Say goodbye to wasting water, sharing water with your dog, having your dog drink from a stream or puddle, and stopping while on a long road trip to give your dog a drink.

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