Christopher Columbus’ Anchor Discovered at Caribbean Shipwreck

A centuries-old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships has been found in the Caribbean.

It was located off the Turks and Caicos Islands and analysis reveals it dates back to the 1500’s.

The anchor weighs between 1,200 lb and 1,500 lb, which fits the typical size that would be needed for a Columbus-era ship.

“That anchor is from Christopher Columbus,” historical shipwreck discovery specialist Darrell Miklos, who led the Caribbean expedition, said on the show.

“I am telling you, stick around, this is just the beginning of an amazing story.”

Mr. Miklos located the anchor using a space treasure map created by his friend, NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper, according to Fox News.

Mr. Cooper died in 2004, but while in space, discovered a series of anomalies which he believed to be shipwrecks.

The team used Mr. Cooper’s map and, armed with a magnetometer, managed to identify shipwreck areas where they located the treasure.

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