Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

Enjoy a row around the lake or down the river on the Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat (MSRP=$585.95). It features removable gear bags for customizable storage of boating essentials, including 20 individual pockets for anything you might need on the water. There are also two insulated holders for keeping beverages cool. Sufficient to hold one person, this inflatable pontoon boat has a transport wheel that allows easy access to your favorite fishing spot and stows up out of the way when out on the water. There is also a removable stripping basket for side or over-the-lap mounting. The 1-person pontoon boat is suitable for a simple day of relaxing on the lake or for fishing. The heavy-duty pontoons have abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms, protecting them from lake and river bottoms as well as other surfaces. Rugged aluminum oars with bronze oar locks offer a reliable method of steering and propulsion.