Gili Bag Lets Your Wet Clothes Breathe

If you’re doing it right, there’s a pretty good chance your outdoor gear will get wet. It’s best to dry it as quickly as possible. The Gili Bag helps get this done.

The Gili Gear Bag (MSRP=$59.95) is a simple duffle. But instead of solid fabric, it’s made from tough, tightly woven repurposed vinyl mesh. It feels like tough, smooth plastic and is super ventilated.


Air Permeable Drying

Obviously this isn’t the world’s first mesh sack. But it might be the nicest.

Gili Gear Bag review

What that means for you is that you can toss your waders, wet jacket, or ski boots into the bag, and they will still dry. Forget them overnight and, while not ideal, stuff will still probably be dry by morning.

For things that regularly get wet like wetsuits, rain jackets, and fishing gear, the Gili Bag allows transport and drying at the same time.

It is also functional to use as a gym bag that allows your funky socks and T-shirts to dry a little instead of fermenting in an enclosed bag.

Recycled Material

Gili Bags are made from repurposed vinyl. It’s the material used in billboards, beautifully turned into a tight mesh fabric.

Plus, the recycled material means each Gili Bag is unique. They all sport a similar striped design, but each bag has distinct coloring.

Burly zippers and shoulder straps round out the tough, useful sack.

For those who need a duffle for gear that’s often wet (divers, surfers, anglers, sweaty gym patrons), this sack should be high on your list.