How to Rename a Boat

How to Rename a Boat

You love the pre-owned boat you recently purchased, but hate the silly name bestowed upon it by the prior owner. Not to worry, it is possible to rename your boat and not fall victim to Neptune’s ire.

Before you rename a boat, you must systematically remove or cover all instances of the boat’s old name.

It is essential that the old name is completely removed before you say the new name out loud, or bring anything onboard with a new name.

Removing the exterior paint or lettering is obvious, but if its an older boat you also need to check if the boat has ever been repainted. If so, you need to get down to previous layers and scrape off the old name. It is not enough to just paint over the old name.

The same applies to the interior of the boat. Make sure any fixtures; badges, engravings, upholstery, or decorations with the old name are obliterated or removed.

You must get rid of any accessories with the old boat name. Accessories include floatation devices/rings, brass bells, clothing, coffee mugs, floating key chains, license plate frames, and the list goes on.

To stay consistent with the tradition of removing the old boat’s identity, we suggest looking at your digital footprint. Archive any Facebook posts or photos showing the name. If you belong to any online boating communities, make sure your boat’s name is not in your signature. You do not have to delete all previous photos of the boat, just make sure the name is not visible.